June 23, 2011 - Midsummer Party

– Denmark

It may be, in the past, that people gathered around bonfires on the shortest night of the year to ward off evil spirits, but nowadays people still enjoy this cozy tradition for the fun with friends and family. Large bonfires are burned in several open spots in Copenhagen, and undoubtedly other interior cities, but they are most common along the coast, where people bring blankets to sit on and picnic baskets full of food and beverages to enjoy while waiting for darkness. A speech is commonly given by someone of some import, such as a mayor or local artist, and people sing “Midsummer Song,” also known as “We Love Our Country.” Since universities and schools have just finished their courses for the year, students have a tradition of throwing lecture notes into the fire!

I read that people enjoying bonfires along the coast can see numerous other bonfires. That seems like a nice thing to me—and I imagine being able to hear people singing, faintly, from afar, and deciding to join in...

Hold your own Midsummer Party!

  • Go to a beach, lake, or backyard with a fire ring, and have the traditional bonfire. Sing songs!

  • Drink apple cider or pear juice, perhaps made “sparkling” with the addition of 7-up or Sprite. Eat a picnic supper.

  • Wear flowers in your hair, and make garlands out of greenery, perhaps decorated with more flowers. 

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