February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year – Welcome, Year of the Rabbit!

According to Chinese astrology, a year of the rabbit is a placid, peaceful, quiet year. (Of course, like any year, there is plenty of noisy, violent, upsetting stuff—we have already suffered through shootings and storms, and wars continue!) The rabbit is the symbol for the moon.

Were you born in a year of the rabbit? Or is your animal sign a tiger, rat, or snake?
To find your animal sign, go here and look up the year you were born. I was born on a year of the horse!  (By the way, if you check out the horoscopes for each animal sign below the chart, think about the fact that, according to this form of astrology, EVERYONE born the same year as you has the same horoscope reading. Does that make sense? Does everyone the same age as you have just about the same personality?)

A lot of people from many different countries celebrate Chinese New Year, so of course, the manner of celebration is varied as well. One common element in New Year's celebrations is a procession or parade with a paper-lantern dragon. The first person carries a red ball mounted on a stick, and the second person supports a paper dragon head. From then on, section after section of the dragon slithers and undulates, each one smaller than the one before, until a tiny lantern forms the tip of the dragon's tail.


For more Chinese New Year fun, including recipes, pictures to color, and crafts, check out the Holiday Spot.

Kaboose has some rabbit crafts perfect for the year sign AND some dragon crafts as well.  Enchanted Learning's Chinese New Year section is perfect for younger kids. 

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