January 7, 2010

Tumbes Anniversary – Tumbes, Peru

Celebrated with a serenade and fireworks, this day is the anniversary of the 1821 declaration of independence by the city of Tumbes. It was the first city in Peru to declare its independence from Spain.

Tumbes is the name of, not just one city, but a small northern region of Peru. It is a place where the jungle meets the sea, and it is near the equator and so is quite warm all year. It not only has coastal tropical rainforests and dry forests, it also has mangrove trees that grow in salt-water conditions.

Here are some photos of Tumbes; the ones labeled “manglares” are the mangrove environments. 

Naturally, with its ocean access, the region is known for its seafood and its aquatic sports such as surfing and scuba diving.

Learn more about mangroves with this and this other worksheet.

Here and here are some photos of birds that live in the mangroves.

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