January 26, 2011

Republic Day – India

Parades! Pageantry! Presidential speeches!

Today is one of the most important national holidays in India. It commemorates the day when the constitution came into force, in 1950, finally realizing the dreams of freedom fighters and Mahatma Gandhi and other patriots.

Today the President, Prime Minister, and governmental Ministers will host the Indonesian President and others at a grand parade in India's capital city, New Delhi. There India's military strength, perhaps including the newly-developed Light-Combat Aircraft, will be shown off. As in past R-Day parades, the President will award medals of valor, there will be a 21-gun salute, and members of the armed forces will march by (or, in the case of the Air Force, fly by). This will be followed by moving displays or tableaux of school children and dancers from all over the country. The parade and pageants will be televised.

Celebrate India!

Learn about Ancient India from Mr. Donn,  and learn about modern India here

You can also watch some of the YouTube videos on “Incredible India. (They are all made by different people, I think, and they have very different but wonderful vibes. Here is one.) 

Activity Village has some India-themed crafts for little kids, and India Site has articles about handicrafts in India. 

To learn about Mahatma Gandhi, an important leader during the India independence movement, see this earlier post.

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