August 31, 2010

First Singles Tennis Champion in U.S. – 1881

Today my husband, a tennis player, coach, and fan, is going to New York City to attend the U. S. Open, a Grand Slam tennis tournament, for the very first time!

On this day in 1881, the first U. S. Open, then called the U. S. National Championship, was completed with 19-year-old Harvard student Richard D. Sears winning the title.

During the tournament, Sears didn't lose a single set.

Sears went on to win the title every year for seven consecutive years. (This record is still unbroken, but the rules were different then, which makes it hard to compare athletes' accomplishments.) He retired from the game in 1887, still undefeated.

Watch some of the U.S. Open tennis today.

Or play some tennis. It's a great game, lots of fun AND lots of exercise, and a game you can play with just one other person, all your life.

  • Here is an interesting video about some of the pre-tennis games and activities that teachers use with young kids getting started with tennis.

  • And here is a video capturing a few moments of one of the greatest tennis matches of recent years.

  • And this one shows three fantastic tennis exchanges.

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