June 28 - Constitution Day in Ukraine

   Posted on June 28, 2022     

This is an update of my post published on June 28, 2011:

What a time to talk about a Ukrainian holiday! And yet - what a time to celebrate the modern democratic constitution of this nation!

Since late February, Ukraine has faced a terrible invasion from its larger (area-wise) neighbor, Russia. Ukraine is utterly innocent of wrongdoing but is still paying the price in deaths, injuries, displacement, and destruction - all because of evil intentions on the part of Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin. You probably already know more about this heartbreaking war than you wish to know...So I will relate happier knowledge about Ukraine.

For decades Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, which was dominated by Russia. Today the Ukrainian language, which is the official language, is supplemented by the Russian, which is also widely known. I wonder if the Russian language has become a lot less used, however, given the terrible atrocities needlessly foisted upon Ukrainians by Russian troops. 

Usually concerts and fireworks mark the anniversary of Ukraine's 1998 adoption of its constitution, which made it a semi-presidential republic.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe (Russia, which is larger in area, lies mostly in Asia).

Ukraine is famous for its Easter eggs, called pysanky, for sunflowers (an important export crop and national symbol),  and (unfortunately) for the largest nuclear plant disaster in the world, Chernobyl.

The Ukrainian flag is a yellow field topped by a blue
field. Can you see how this photo of sunflowers and
blue skies echos the Ukrainian flag? 

Nowadays, of course, Ukraine is known for its citizens' amazing courage and their courageous comedian/actor-turned-president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Ukraine has been known for beautiful architecture (seen below). The saddest part of war is, of course, the loss of people, but I'm bleeding for Ukrainians losing structures and infrastructure, as well! 

I love the Metro station, above.
Below, a tunnel of trees!

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