February 14 - International Book Giving Day

Posted on February 14, 2020

The day for gifts of candy and flowers could also be the day for giving books! Why not!!?

Many of us like to hold onto books we love so that we can re-read them - maybe over and over and over again! It would be awesome to share those books with others by purchasing a few copies to give out! Obviously, this only works if you can afford it!

Other books are great but don't call on us to re-read them - and those books can be shared with others for free. Here are some ideas:

Trade books with friends and cousins and neighbors.

Donate new or used books to family shelters or a charity. Or start a book drive to collect lots of book donations!

Surprise a classroom with a box of books for their library. Or become a class's "picture book fairy" for a year - a steady giver of books.

Start a Little Free Library in your front yard.

Leave a book - with a note making clear that you MEANT to leave it - in a place where some child might discover it, like a laundromat or park playground.

Check out these free bookplates and bookmarks and this website about International Book Giving Day.

Whatever book/s you give today...whoever you gift with books today...be sure to share with the hashtag #BookGivingDay so others will be inspired to give too!

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