December 7 - Ghana National Farmers' Day

Posted on December 7, 2018

(First Friday in December)

National Farmers' Day in Ghana celebrates farmers and fisherpeople.

First, there is a huge thank you to all the people who work to grown and harvest food for Ghanaians and for trade.

Second, awards are given to farmers and fisherpeople who have demonstrated especially good techniques or who have shown especially good output.

Third, there is a forum for farmers to meet with policy makers to increase communication and improve agriculture even more.

Sounds like a great day!

Now, what do you know about Ghana?

Ghana is a coastal country in West Africa.

It's famous for being a friendly and neighborly place. Not only do extended families often live with or near one another, but strangers share food with one another. For example, a stranger eating in front of someone else who has no food will generally say, "You are invited." People can and often do go to strangers' funerals and weddings. Because...I guess that they think of other people more as "community members" than "strangers."

Like other nations, Ghana has its fair share of natural beauty:

Above and below, Boti Falls.
There are upper and lower falls, and one of them
(I'm not sure which) is a double waterfall.
So, really, Boti Falls is 3-in-1!

Above and below, Umbrella Rock

Also on this date:

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