December 12 - National Festival of Lights and Renewal in Saint Lucia

Posted on December 12, 2018

St. Lucia's Day is tomorrow, December 13. Because of this, December 13 is celebrated by Saint Lucia island as its National Day.

But tonight is a sort of "National Day Eve," and since St. Lucia is considered the saint of light, the capital city of Castries is lit up with decorative lights, decorated lanterns, and fireworks!

In the past, the celebration would last ALL night long, until sunrise of December 13!

Nowadays, maybe partly to attract more tourists, the festivals of lights tend to be spread out over a couple of weeks. One day there is a competition for decorated lanterns, with many different categories for age and theme. There are parades and performances as well as fireworks shows. 

Also, these days, many people merge this holiday with Christmas, so their house decorations combine lights with Christmas themes.

Here are some examples of lanterns: 

 By the way, Saint Lucia is located in the Caribbean Sea, so people living there are not going to have a "white Christmas." Unless you mean white sands!

Also on this date:

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