November 23 - Day After Thanksgiving

Posted on November 23, 2018

(Friday after Thanksgiving)

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is often celebrated by family get-togethers and feasting. 

So...the NEXT day...this day-off-of-school /  work should be a day of rest, right? A time to eat left-overs and recover from all the cooking and eating and cleaning the day before. 

But there are a TON of "holidays" that fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Here are some choices:

You're Welcoming Day: a day to remind us to say "you're welcome" or similar words to any and all who thank us. Here are some variants:

No problem.
Any time.
That's okay!
Don't mention it.
No worries.
It's nothing.
With pleasure.
It's my pleasure.
Anything for you!
Happy to help.
Black Friday: a day when many brave crowded stores and

long lines in order to score great deals on Christmas gifts.

Buy Nothing Day: a day of protest against the consumer orientation of Christmas and, really, society in general. So no grocery store, no Christmas shopping, no buying anything at all. (In some countries, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in November.)

Sinkie Day (or The Sink Day): some people - apparently - eat Thanksgiving leftovers over the sink. Ummm...I don't recommend this!

Flossing Day: flossing is of course important EVERY day, but this is a day to learn the hows and whys of flossing.

Fur-Free Friday

National Day of Listening: launched by StoryCorps, a non-profit organization. The goal of StoryCorps is to have Americans of all beliefs and backgrounds record, preserve, and share the stories of their lives. Here is a DIY guide to participating.

National Native American Heritage Day

Also on this date:

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