February 9 – Toothache Day

Posted on February 9, 2015

Umm...why oh why are we celebrating toothaches?

Actually, today is the Feast Day of the Catholic Saint Apollonia. She was said to have been tortured by having all of her teeth pulled or shattered—yikes! That sounds truly terrible!—and so one of her specialities as a saint is supposed to be helping with dental woes.

One of the reasons that you and I are so lucky to be alive today instead of during Apollonia's time (waaaaayyy back in the 3rd Century) is that we have so much better dental care, and so most of us have few or none really severe toothaches. Frequent problems with teeth used to be quite common before people had invented electric toothbrushes, dental floss, and modern dental fillings.

What causes toothaches?

Mild pain while chewing, or a quick twinge when the tooth is exposed to very hot or very cold foods or drinks, is common. 

However, more severe pain or even mild pain that lasts a long time is probably a sign that there is either a cavity or an infection.

It is the soft central portion of the tooth, the pulp, that contains nerve endings that are sensitive to pain.

The best thing to do if you have a toothache is to go to a dentist (of course). The best thing to do if you do NOT have a toothache is to take care of your teethbrush, floss, and get them professionally cleaned regularly—so you never do!

Here is a video for little kids about teeth and dental care.

Did you know...?

...that society no longer allows cocaine in our toothache drops?
...Did you know that society DID used to allow cocaine it toothache drops--and they only cost 15 cents!

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