June 14 – Magic Circle Day

Posted on June 14, 2014

The Magic Circle is a magician's club founded in London on this date (apparently) in 1905.

You know that magicians love to perform illusions or tricks, right? They don't do “real” magic – Harry Potter-style magic – because there is no such thing.

The thing about illusions or tricks is that they are better entertainment if you don't know how they are done. Right? So that's why the club's motto is “Indocilis privata loqui,” or “Incapable of speaking of private matters.” In other words, the magicians promise each other not to reveal secrets of how illusions are performed.

I thought it was interesting to note that the magician's club was all male until 1991! At that point, there was election to see if women should be allowed into the club; I'm glad to report that more than three-fourths of the magicians wanted to make the change!

When the club was started back in 1905, one of the founding members was a young magician named Martin Chapender. Unfortunately, Chapender died. To honor their fallen fellow magician, some wanted to name the club the Martin Chapender Club. I am very glad that another suggestion was made: the group decided to honor Chapender by adopting a name with his initials, M.C., but to call it something more general and comprehensible. Thus the Magic Circle was born.

If the original suggestion had been followed, none of us would have any idea what sort of things the members of the Martin Chapender Club were interested in...

  • When I hear the word magic, I always like to think about mathemagic! Here is a website with a Magic Circle that isn't a British club, but is instead a geometrical wonder!

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