May 15, 2013 - Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Today's holiday was created by a group of girls ages 8 to 16!

On the Mind on the Media website, a poster reads, “I watch. I see. How about a little respect for me? Better movies, better TV!”

In the year 2000, the girls who made up the editorial board of New Moon Girls magazine decided to combat all the messages about beauty and thinness in the media, film, advertising, and music with activities to raise awareness that these messages can be harmful to women and especially to girls. Now, thirteen years later, computer manipulation of photographs is so common that the concept of beauty is even more unattainable...and therefore unhealthy.

The website features resources under the “Take Action” tab and lots of statistics about the effects of media on body image. For example, in 2000, companies spent about $12 BILLION advertising to children in the U.S. By now the figure is up to $17 billion per year! Also, the average young person sees 3,000 ads per day!

Here's a couple of shocking statistics: 80% of 10-year-old American girls say that they have been on a diet. Also, asked what they would request with a magic wish, the number one choice for girls ages 11 to 17 is to be thinner!

Check out "Beauty Redefined" to see
more examples of ridiculous photo
manipulations. Here, we see a beautiful
AND ALREADY THIN model, left,
transformed into a freakishly thin
woman on the right.
Examples of photoshopped and whitewashed photos can be found at Beauty Redefined

We COULD be urging our girls to aspire to be people who make contributions to society rather than to be freakishly ultra-thin with smooth, perfect skin. Check out this photo shoot by Jaime Moore.

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