January 4, 2013 - Spaghetti Day

Although various organizations celebrate Spaghetti Days and Pasta Months of other days, some people say that January 4 is Spaghetti Day. I personally feel that one cannot have too many Spaghetti Days!

Spaghetti is:

  1. Really hard for many little kids to pronounce. For several years, according to my daughter, we ate “pasketti.”

  2. Long, skinny round rods of pasta made (usually) from semolina (durum wheat) and water. We say that spaghetti (like most pasta) is unleavened because it has no yeast or other ingredient to make it rise.

  3. Sometimes made from spaghetti squash, whole wheat, rice, corn, or other ingredients. Some pasta is colored and flavored with additions of spinach, tomatoes, herbs, and even cheese.

  4. Often accompanied by a tomato sauce. When we say “spaghetti dinner” or “spaghetti sauce,” most of us think of spaghetti topped with tomato sauce flavored with garlic and onion, basil and oregano, maybe mushrooms, and maybe ground beef meatballs or sausage. BUT people eat spaghetti pasta in lots of other ways, too: topped with just olive oil and cheese, or butter and fried onions, or chile, chicken, colorful peppers, snow peas and sugar snap peas, Alfredo sauce, clams, and just about every other yummy thing!

Crafty spaghetti...

Some parents have been sharing pasta crafts—including some with cooked or uncooked spaghetti—over on Pinterest

Spaghetti also features in crafts on Spoonful and Sprout.

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