January 5, 2012 - Bird Day

Born Free USA has declared January 5 “National Bird Day,” pointing out that the beauty, song, and flight of birds is inspiring to humans the world over, and that a significant number of bird species are endangered due to human activities. Illegal pet trade has harmed parrots and others, and of course cutting down forests, draining wetlands, and building malls and houses in other habitats all impact bird populations.

At the organization's website are 10 things you can do to make your pet bird happy, 10 things you can do to make wild birds safer, and “fun activities.”

Also, if you've ever wanted a T-shirt that says “Think outside the cage,” you need to visit the Born Free site!

Celebrate birds!

  • TLC offers a lot of bird-watching activity suggestions, including feather search-and-ID, nest-building scavenger hunt, and planting for feathered friends.
You probably already know that birds
evolved from dinosaurs!

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