July 26, 2010

Rock Day

On this day in 1943, rock great Mick Jagger was born in England. He became the lead singer of the Rolling Stones and is also a songwriter, music producer, and even occasional actor.

AND On this day in 1969, scientists got their first look at moon rocks returned by the crew of Apollo 11.

Learn about rock music.

This website gives some early history of “rock and roll,” with plenty of links to explore further.

Rock for Kids brings music classes to kids in need―and much more. Check it out!

Learn about rocks as in actual, you know, rocks. Geology and stuff.
  • I love love love the book Everybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor, with wonderful illustrations by Peter Parnall.
  • Start a rock collection, or add to one you've already begun. You can pick up pretty rocks you find in nature (except of course in protected areas and wilderness preserves), and you can also buy rocks. Arts-and-crafts stores often sell small polished stones, and there are rock shops in some areas. We found a “rock guy” who lives near us and has a rather wildly unkempt yard FULL of rocks. He is super enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and he has sold us some great rocks and geodes at very reasonable prices.

Here is a website for kids who collect rocks.
  • Here is a virtual rock-and-mineral museum for your clicking pleasure.

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