July 22, 2010

Revolution Day – The Gambia

National Tree Planting Day – Central African Republic

Birthday of King Sobhuza II – Swaziland

On this day three different African nations are celebrating three different holidays.

The Gambia, which is the smallest nation on the mainland continent of Africa, runs on either side of the river “The Gambia” and is surrounded almost entirely by Senegal. On this day The Gambia commemorates the 1994 ousting of the Jawara government by the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council. According to Wikipedia, the AFPRC, led by Yahya Jammeh (pictured left), has moved toward making the Gambia more democratic, and several rounds of apparently fair elections have been held.

The Central African Republic is a landlocked nation right in the center of Africa. Although it is one of the poorest nations in Africa and the world, The Ecologist magazine estimated that it is the world's leading country in sustainable development. The CAR has potential in eco-tourism, because there is a lot of wildlife and rain forest visitors will want to see, so hopefully it will keep up the work to be green. Planting trees is a good start!

Swaziland is another tiny country (like the Gambia) that is landlocked (like the CAR). In fact, it is almost entirely surrounded by South Africa. On this day an important former king (pictured left) is honored. King Sobhuza II ruled 82 years and 9 months (although part of that rule was when he was very young, and his grandmother acted as regent). This is the longest precisely dated reign on record.

King Sobhuza married 70 wives and had 210 children. When he died in 1982, he had over one thousand grandchildren!

Find the African nations the Gambia, Swaziland, and the Central African Republic on this interactive map by moving the cursor over it.

Enjoy African foods.
Did you know that yams, wheat, and okra come from Africa? Here are some recipes from the Gambia, Swaziland, and the Central African Republic.

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