January 30 – Croissant Day

Posted on January 30, 2018

I think of croissants as a French thing - of course the word croissant is itself French for crescent - but crescent-shaped cakes go back to ancient times, and crescent-shaped bread goes back at least as far as the Renaissance in Austria, when bakers made and sold Kipferi.

Modern croissants are made with dough that is layered with butter, rolled and folded and rolled again in a way that is like puff pastry. It creates layered, flaky bread that is oh-so-yummy!

A lot of croissants are now made in factories and frozen. Even many French bakeries and patisseries sell croissants baked from frozen dough!

Vary it!

Actually, croissants cannot be beat, but on croissant day, you might want to eat a few in some different ways.

Breakfast - a croissant plain with juice or tea is often considered the perfect continental breakfast

Lunch - of course, croissant sandwiches!

Dessert - Try a chocolate or almond filled croissant, or make one of these recipes.

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