November 25 – Anniversary of Moquegua in Peru

Posted on November 25, 2017

It's very cool that Peruvians celebrate so many places on the anniversary of their founding! Today, it's Moquegua's turn:

We're talking food festivals, dance contests, mountain bike races, hang gliding contests, tours, music performances, and a Friendship Parade with floats and marchers!

Moquegua is the sourhern part of Peru.

Here's some info about Moquegua:

It's on the coast - but it's really dry. The result is desert coastline.

The nearby river is used to irrigate (provide water for) crops such as avocados, apricots, and olives.

The fountain in Moqueguya's main square was designed by the world-famous architect Gustave Eiffel, who also built a certain world-famous tower...

The nearby volcano, called Ubinas, we say still active?

This 2015 volcanic splutter scattered ashes for miles / kilometers!

So...from the coast to the highlands, Moquegua is really pretty:

Also on this date:

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