February 14, 2013 - Basant Panchami

This Hindu festival celebrates the coming of spring, the color yellow, and the goddess of knowledge, music, art, and culture. Saraswati is that goddess, and offerings of yellow flowers are often made to her statue or temples. Traditionally, children begin to learn the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet on this day, or learn to write their first words. Students sometimes make offerings of pens or books to Saraswati in hopes that they will do well on their exams. Most schools have special programs on this day.

People wear yellow clothes and eat saffron rice and yellow sweets during Basant Panchami.

In one city in India, today is celebrated with a huge kite festival. 

Kite flying is also very important in Lahore, Pakistan, especially during Basant. However, metal or glass-encrusted string and dangerous kite-fighting practices have resulted in an unacceptable death toll and a governmental ban on all kite sales and kite flying. 

This video and this article explore kite-flying in Pakistan and the kite ban.

Note: By the way, some sources call this festival Vasant Panchami.

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