June 23, 2010

Antarctica Set Aside for Science – 1961

On this date in 1961, an international treaty was signed that established Antarctica as a region for peaceful scientific use and outlawed any military use of the continent.

 Quick Quiz

1. Antarctica has an area of approximately 5,500,000 square miles. This is ____.
a. 5 times the size of the U.S.
b. half the size of the U.S.
c. one and a half times the size of the U.S.

2. Antarctica is _____.
a. connected to South America
b. surrounded by water

3. Ice and snow cover _____.
a. 20% of Antarctica
b. 99% of Antarctica
c. 75% of Antarctica

ANSWERS: 1.c – 2.b – 3.b

I am busy making every day special by taking a trip through California, Oregon, and Washington.

The daily posts will be minimal during my trip. Happy summer to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere!

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